About us

Our organization CHANCENGLEICH in Europa e.V. / Equal Opportunities in Europe was founded in 2009 by German and non German of diverse ages, pedagogues, social scientists, teachers, students and pupils.
By and through it's activities CHANCENGLEICH in Europa e.V. promotes the process of Lifelong Learning and learning from each other in Europe.

It is the goal of our organization to promote equality in education, counseling and employment for all citizens of Europe and fight any type of discrimination.

Additionally we campaign for the process of Lifelong Learning in Europe and promote transnational exchange, mobility, intercultural communication and the creation of livelihoods for the learning populace.

We offer the following activities:

  • Further educational programs for adult educators and students in both national as well as European context
  • Intercultural exchange through diverse conferences and congresses
  • Education and qualification offerings, workshops, seminars and projects for learners
  • Counseling in the areas of education and employment

ChE conducts it's intercultural offerings, spanning the generations, also abroad in cooperation with European partnerships.

A close cooperation partner of ChE is the Icelandic organization Intercultural Iceland: www.ici.is

Member of "Verbund sozial-kultureller Migrantenvereine DO.e.V."